Pet Insurance

What to look for when choosing pet insurance

  1. Choose a pet insurance company that will be around for the life of your pet. Many new pet insurance companies have started up and then gone out of business within a few years. Choose a company that has either been in business for many years or a company that has an established name to stand behind it (ASPCA, Purina).
  1. Choose an insurance company that will cover long term illnesses like allergies and arthritis. Many pet insurance companies will only cover these types of illnesses for a certain length time or up to a certain monetary amount even though your pet will be affected for the rest of their lives.
  1. Choose a company that will cover hereditary diseases. Many diseases fall into this category and symptoms of the disease may not be present until later in life.
  1. Choose a company without benefit schedules or with reasonable limits on their benefit schedules. Benefit schedules limit the amount an insurance company will pay for certain accidents or illnesses. Benefit schedules often make it appear as if a certain accident or illness is covered when in reality you may be responsible for paying the majority of the costs.
  1. Does the company offer coverage for routine care like check ups, vaccines, heartworm testing and dental cleanings? Routine care can be budgeted for, but many owners find it more affordable to pay the extra insurance premiums for this type of care.