Ear cleaning instructions

Ear Cleaning
Grasp the tip of the ear and pull it straight up and slightly away from the head.

Fill the ear canal with ear cleaner until the liquid just starts to spill out of the ear canal.  Some of this cleaning liquid can also be rubbed on the ear flap if necessary.  If the inside of your pet’s ear is inflamed, use only ear cleaners recommended by your vet.  Many over-the-counter cleaners will burn/sting if applied to inflamed ears.

Grasp the ear cartilage at the base of the ear and gently squeeze or massage the ear canal.  You should hear the medication “squish” in the ear.  Continue with the massage for 1-2 minutes then let your pet shake the cleaning solution from the ear.  (Cleaner and ear debris will go flying, so you might want to do this outside or somewhere easy to clean!)  Remove loose debris from the ear flap and entrance to the ear canals with a dry cotton ball or soft paper towel.

Never push cotton swabs down into the canal of the ear.  This will force debris further into the ear.  Use swabs to clean debris only from those areas of the ear you can clearly see.

If ear medications have been prescribed, they should be applied immediately after cleaning.

Ear Medications
Your veterinarian may prescribe ear medications to treat yeast or bacterial infections or to reduce inflammation in the ear.  Place the prescribed amount of medication into the affected ear(s) and massage lightly to coat the inner surface of the ear canal.

If the inner part of the ear flap is involved, place a small amount on the ear flap and spread the medication over the affected area in a “paper thin” layer.